Plant and Tree Fertilizing Solutions

We want your trees to flourish from the roots up. Our tree fertilization services help your trees reach their potential. From high-quality fertilizer to deep root soil injections, BA Robinson Tree Service has you covered with premium tree care!

Tree Planting services in St. George Utah


Fertilizer feeds essential and often lacking nutrients to soil and plants, allowing for maximum growth. Fertilizer can also improve how well the dirt holds in water and air. We understand that well-fertilized soil is one of the key factors to creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes. While fertilizer is a go-to for most plants, not many realize that fertilizer assists trees as well. Tree fertilizer will help your tree grow stronger, and healthier. As specialists in Southern Utah’s vegetation, we are equipped to fertilize all local trees, shrubs, turfs, and other ornamental vegetation according to their unique needs.

Deep Root Soil Injections

We also specialize in deep root soil injections that nourish, aerate, and stimulate tree roots. Our deep root soil treatments inject a liquid fertilizer close to a tree’s roots, so the tree has a better chance of receiving the nutrients it needs to enhance its growth and overall health. Deep root soil injection is an optimal solution for trees or shrubs with roots that do not have enough access to water. A deep root soil injection will assist your trees and shrubs in getting fertilization when they need it, especially during fall and winter.

With 15 years of experience maintaining and improving St. George trees and shrubs, we’re confident that you couldn’t be in better hands. Reach out today for a free fertilization estimate!

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