Tree and Shrub Trimming

Minor tree and shrub trimming today, like cleaning and shaping, can yield huge benefits down the road. Let’s say an unwieldy shrub branch is unnervingly close to your power lines or a beloved oak tree is obscuring your Pine Valley Mountain views. You know you need to call in the tree trimming experts but don’t know where to start. BA Robinson Tree Service in St. George has over 14 years of experience and offers you several tree and shrub trimming options to set you and your trees up for long-term success.

Structure Pruning-raising of canopy, directional pruning away from structures, roads, walkway, roofs.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction may be species specific. Contact an Arborist

If your trees and shrubs have seen better days, although nothing may be structurally wrong, then crown reduction is a great option. Crown reduction is for trees that outgrow their allotted space. They may be too top-heavy, steal resources from other plants, or just be too large for your taste. This process of tree trimming keeps the tree’s general shape while reducing its overall size.

Crown reduction on shade trees should be done in the dormant season.

View Clearing

You bought a home with a view, but if you can’t see it anymore, now is a good time for a view clearing trim. This type of trim targets places of your trees and shrubs that obscure an otherwise great view. View clearing will trim branches back to restore your high-value views.

Crown reduction may be species specific. Contact an Arborist

Choose BA Robinson Tree Service

Invest in your trees and property values by giving them some love today. With 14+ years of tree and shrub trimming experience serving St. George under our belts, we’re confident that we can make you fall in love with your trees and shrubs all over again. Contact us today for a free estimate or to hear about our other tree trimming services.